Here you will find the the story of the Holy Trinity Church, its cemetery, and rich history of those buried here. Read the stories of our Guests From The Past and learn of their contributions to the local community, personal triumphs and family tragedies.  We hope you will come to understand the cemetery is not just a place where people are buried, but a window into the past.

The cemeteries most recent Rescue from Oblivion, began with the inspiration and work of Jim Purman in 1990. Its rescue continues today with the efforts of Friends of Old Trinity Cemetery.

The Old Trinity Cemetery as it is known by many, has the official name Holy Trinity Cemetery, or HTC for short. You may find that these names are used interchangeably thru out this website.


Goodbye to the Grand Old Oak

We said goodbye to the grand old oak which had grown tall over many years at the HTC. It’s likely this tree was there at the cemeteries inception and could tell many stories. Rot in the crotch of the tree, risk of it falling, and the damage this would cause led to the decision to have it removed. Good by old friend. We will miss you. Have a look at photos of the event.

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2018 Spring Cleanup Day

The 2018 Spring Cleanup Day is in the books. We would like to thank everyone who came out to help! Without you the cemetery would “go underground” Check out the photos.

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