Edward Choate

Edward Choate was the Baptist Pastor 1754-1840

Hello! Are you Mr. Myers? I hope I’m not late for your meeting. I am Elizabeth Dimmitt Choate. My husband, the Rev. Edward Choate was suddenly called out to someone who is very old. There wasn’t time for him to contact one of the Elders, so he sent me in his place, trusting that I can answer some of your questions. He most profusely apologizes. We are so hoping that you will allow our congregation to meet here at Holy Trinity until we are able to build a meetinghouse of our own. The Baptist congregation has been meeting in homes, but we are now up to a membership of 31 plus children (we have 6 of our own at home) and with the crowding it has become rather an imposition to meet in homes. That is why it is so important to us to meet in your lovely little church.

Do any of your have any questions for me?

  1. Could you tell us somewhat about he Rev. Choate? I’ve heard that he came from Scotland.

Oh, no, I don’t know where that rumor came from. On the contrary, Edward is a fifth generation Marylander. His great, great grandfather Christopher Choot came from Essex, England in the 1670s. Edward is 43 years old. His mother and father, Solomon and Sarah Choate, lived in Baltimore County and were members of the Harford Baptist Church near Jarrettsville. That is where we came from.

  1. Wasn’t there a good deal of turmoil in the Harford Baptist Church a few years back?

Yes, the church disbanded over new doctrines and practices that had arisen. But 5 years ago, in 1803, the church reorganized with each member signing on to covenants and ordinances for he church. We had over 200 members sign this.

  1. So how did you come here to this area?

A little while ago, Edward felt called of God to become a teaching elder. The Harford church gave him their blessing. His first mission was to the Reisterstown area. Then he came here to the Liberty Road/Eldersburg area to organize a group of believers into the Patapsco Baptist Fellowship.

 Who are the leaders of your church?

Edward is the teaching elder and we also have Thomas Baseman and William Chenowith.

  1. What is it you believe?

We are Particular Baptists. We believe that Christ’s atoning work was limited to His elect. This doctrine of 5 point Calvinism is also called Strict, Primitive or Reformed Baptist. We are not Anabaptist like the Mennonites, Amish and Brethren. We are an outgrowth of the Puritan movement in England and Holland. We agree to the 1689 London Baptist Confession, which is similar to the Westminster Confession of the Presbyterians. We are more congregationally oriented and, of course, believe in baptism of believers by immersion.

 Are there any more questions?  Do you agree to let us meet here?

by Jane Ward